General Dentistry

General dentistry involves all the dental procedures that are aimed at improving the functionality and aesthetics of the mouth. A general dentist is one who is capable of carrying out regular consultations along with providing cosmetic and restorative solutions.

At W & B Dental, we specialize in all types of dental procedures. Our highly-skilled team has treated numerous patients with oral issues in the past and provided comprehensive solutions to their conditions. Our excellent service combined with state of the art technology makes our practice one of the best dental service providers in Walnut Creek, CA.

Need a tooth restored?

Teeth may undergo damage when you suffer a hard blow to the mouth, resulting in a chipped, broken, cracked or avulsed tooth, or, sometimes the teeth may emerge naturally misshapen. We can restore your teeth using the following procedures:

Porcelain crowns: Crowns are cap-like restorative structures that cover a tooth in its entirety. They can be used to restore teeth that are chipped, cracked, discolored or worn out badly. Also, when the patient undergoes a root canal therapy, a crown can be used to hold the tooth intact as it would be weak with lack of nourishment.

Porcelain bridges: They are prosthetic teeth used to replace missing teeth. They are coupled with dental crowns on either side which help to hold the tooth in place. Since bridges are made from porcelain, they perfectly mimic the appearance of the natural teeth and don’t even require a surgery to be fit in place.

Inlays and Onlays: Inlays are custom fillings that fit into a cavity. They are made according to the contour of the cavity and are bonded firmly with the help of dental adhesives. Onlays are ‘half-crowns’ that restore the cusp of a tooth. They are used mostly when the biting surface of a tooth is badly worn out and needs repair.

Porcelain veneers: Veneers are excellent solutions to teeth that are cracked, chipped or discolored. They are thin wafer-like restorations that are bonded on to the frontal surface of a tooth. Along with providing a cosmetic makeover, they strengthen the tooth as well.

Composite bonding: Bonding is a process of applying a composite resinous material on the teeth to restore their contour and to treat minor cracks. The resin will then be hardened with a curing light.

Same day restorations: At W & B Dental, we use CEREC to produce restorations in a short span of time. Restorations such as Crowns, Veneers, etc. can be made in a single visit to our office, thereby considerably reducing chair time.

Get the best smile with our cosmetic solutions

The appearance of the smile is as important as one’s oral health. But issues such as damaged, discolored, misaligned and missing teeth may ruin it. We offer various cosmetic dental solutions to improve the aesthetics of your smile, such as:

Teeth whitening:The stains and discoloration on the teeth can be gotten rid of using teeth whitening procedures. This would give you a radiant smile, thereby driving your confidence much higher.

Gum contouring:The gums may face infections due to the accumulation of plaque and tartar on the teeth. This can lead to gum decay or receding, leaving a displeasing appearance on them. Gum contouring involves reshaping the gums and restoring their adequate volume using surgical methods.

Fillings: Tooth-colored ceramic fillings can be used to fill cavities caused due to tooth decay. They perfectly match the shade and texture of the enamel, making them extremely difficult to distinguish from the natural teeth.

In addition to these, most of the restorative procedures also act as cosmetic solutions. 

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